about our factory

kinder capsule size adjustable clothing made in the USA from organic cotton

It was sheer providence when we found Stitch Kentucky--the factory that would create our first kinder capsule collection. Completely unaware of their history, we set up an initial call with the owner, Stacey Beeler. Immediately captivated by her Southern charm, our jaws almost hit the floor when she told us their back story. 

In the 1950s, clothing company Osh Kosh set up a factory plant in Liberty, KY. For decades they employed countless seamstresses to manufacture their children's clothing designs. About fifteen years ago that company moved production overseas and shut down their plant in Liberty. In the wake of this transition, dozens of talented ladies were left without jobs. 

In a time of economic uncertainty, Stitch Kentucky was born. It revitalized Liberty and offered jobs to those remarkably talented seamstresses. 

So fast forward to 2018 when we are on that initial phone call, unknowingly having stumbled upon this gold mine. We wanted to create a unique brand of children's clothing and we'd just managed to find a factory chocked full of kids-wear experts. 

The ladies of Stitch Kentucky put such tremendous care into each piece. Every stitch, button, snap, and fold was discussed, thought through, and brought to life perfectly. We are proud to be made in the USA and even prouder to know our pieces were crafted with the highest quality.