kinder capsule launch

kinder capsule - clothes that grow with your child - organic, sustainable, made in USA

We've been on a whirlwind trip bringing this brand together and it's as sweet a launch as we ever could have imagined. As you read this, please know we are already tremendously grateful that you're here. With the unending support of family, friends, and other creatives, kinder capsule has come to life.

This idea was born from a need we felt as parents. We wanted desperately to buy our son organic clothing that was ethically made. But we couldn't see making that kind of investment in something he'd wear for, at best, two months (sometimes just two weeks). What we wound up doing is spending lots of money on poorly made items simply because we needed them at that time. After our son's first birthday we realized we had boxes of his clothes piling up in our basement. It was too much waste and too much clutter. That was our lightbulb moment.

Through various design techniques and fabric choices, we've crafted clothing that lasts your child anywhere from six months to one year. Best of all it's produced from organic fabrics, in an ethical manner, and made right here in the United States. kinder capsule is a brand with adjustability, durability, and flexibility in mind. We are eager to provide families with wardrobe essentials for their little ones. We dream of becoming a legacy brand where items are cherished and passed on for generations.

Our first collection is comprised of three versatile pieces: a onesie, overalls, and romper dress. With each season and subsequent collection we will be adding new designs, patterns, and accessories. We can't wait to show you all that kinder capsule has in store.