why organic matters

why organic cotton fabric matters - kinder capsule children's size adjustable clothing

'Organic' is a buzzword, it's trending. We like organic food, organic skincare, and even organic dog treats. But what about our clothes? That's where the buzzworthiness ends. Before we did our own research, we thought the same thing most everyone thinks: it can't matter that much. Well, we were wrong.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. So what goes on your skin is equally as important as what goes in your body. 

On the manufacturing side of things we'll be the first to say that organic fabrics are more expensive. There's no way around that. However, the shortcuts of mass growing and harvesting have huge consequences. These consequences affect the planet, the farmers, and the consumers.


Cotton fields make up 3% of the world's harvesting lands. Yet 25% of the world's insecticides are used on cotton. Those insecticides are toxic to soil as well as eco-systems. When heavy rainfalls come they wash into lakes and rivers, extending their harmful reach.

Regardless of whether it's organically or commercially farmed, cotton crops require water for processing. But the amount of water used decreases significantly with organic crops. In many cases the system for treating organic cotton is focused on replenishing the soil and maintaining agricultural integrity.


Pollution-related illnesses in cotton farmers is both a global and domestic crisis. Their constant exposure to toxins, carcinogens, and pesticides puts them at tremendous risk for a variety of cancers. Their land as well as their personal health suffers from the detrimental effects of mass farming.


The chemicals used on non-organic cotton remain in their threads. We unknowingly wear them on a daily basis thinking nothing of it. Yet these same chemicals have been linked to skin irritations, rashes, headaches, and other more serious medical concerns. 

kinder capsule is committed to being part of the change. We desire for transparency in the apparel industry. We won't use unsafe fabrics to make an extra buck.

We care for you, we care for your little ones. And we're determined to dress them in nothing but the best.